Transformation Hosting Experience in Calabria 2015

THE Calabrien

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We warmly invite you to Calabria next month, in the very South of Italy, on the seaside, in front of the volcano Stromboli, to join Transformation Hosting Experience. It is in Tropea, 20-25 September 2015. The focus topic on this event will be OUR TIME IS NOW: How are the conditions of the soil in which we put the seed of transformation of our social realities?

Pioneers from the fields of education, facilitation, consulting and civil society will come together at this event on the seaside to co-create and to hold all together the nourishing and inspiring space that we all need. How are we witnessing and experiencing transformation first hand? How are we holding the space for transformation individually, socially and collectively? Let's share together and experiment with what we know and with what we don'know. What are the conditions of the soil in which we put the seed of transformation?

Like the waves of the sea that touche the beach and continuously come and go, some times we are connected to our deep intention and Self and other times we are not connected to our intention and Self. The Transformation Hosting Experience 2015 on the seaside will host the space to examine and experience the conditions of our journey into the known and unknown, at three levels, individually, socially and collectively.

Transformation Hosting Experience is about experiences of transformation, not about theory. Experiences are transforming, not theory. I have the image that experiences are the soil in which the seed and the sprout of transformation grow. What are your images?

In this meeting in Calabria we will provide also learning content of inspiration and nourishment for our actions.

In shaping and hosting transformation in our social realities we have several tools:

  1. first of all the quality of our listening: I (Elena) found that this is the main leverage point that we have in our hands, individually, each of us.

Let us make several experiences in how the quality of our listening is hosting transformation of our social realities.

  1. The second tool is to have a platform for sharing the learned experiences: Transformation Hosting Experience (THE) is the platform for sharing what we are learning. Our community is the holding space. This time we have the opportunity to do it face to face.
  1. Self-organisation is the third tool for our Hosting Transformation Experience. Let us be surprised!

Joy and lightness combined with the beauty of the natural landscape and the seaside are holding with us this space.

Let me end with a final suggestion: if you can, take the opportunity to plan one whole week of holiday with your family and the children on the beach. September is a marvellous month in South Italy and it is still summer!

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