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We all have our superpowers! In this campaign we want to bring those stories forward and shine a light on what makes us stronger. We believe power can be contagious and by hearing what makes others stronger we can empower each other. The state of the planet and of human civilization calls for the participation of everyone in crafting a viable future for humankind. 

We are a group of educators and facilitators from Germany, Italy, Hungary, Sweden, Austria and Portugal, working on an European Union project about empowerment. The goal is to create tools to empower and support individuals and communities to actively shape society towards a more humane, joyful and sustainable world. We explore how to create settings that strengthen courage, self-confidence, and self-efficacy, curating, testing and honing methods and pathways with proven results.

As part of the project, we are launching a campaign that invites everyone to celebrate their source of power and strength.

What is your power?

Join our empowerment campaign and inspire others!

You can help us create this campaign by

Sending us a video shorter than 1 minute

describing the one thing that brings you

the strength to transcend these challenging times.

You can send it directly to

We will then produce a short video, consisting of submissions from all over the world. So it is about inspiring each other. Because we believe that, in these challenging and crucial times, we can empower each other.