Looking back at Calabria

This year the Hosting Transformation Days were a celebration of listening and beauty. The lovely hosting of Elena and her team appeared effortless, but was yet strong as it took advantage of the incredible powers of the place and landscape. The constant fight between sea and cliff coast and the presence of several volcanos besides a peaceful scenery mirrored our  experiences of contrasts:

Highly productive working sessions – gazing at the water, thinking of nothing

Enyoing the abundance of good food – allowing to be touched by the fates of refugees

Laughing and celebration – sharing personal tragediesFresh

Outcome orientated project planning – diving deep into personal development in our daily case clinic.

Joining Forces to make change happen – being humbled by the mild smile of the stars.

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  1. Wonderful photoes and energy and people..I feel so glad that it continues and still feel inspired to contribute in my own way. Love to all, Agota

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