Material Description

-A wooden board of about 1m length and at least 20cm width (We use wooden shelves which you can get cheaply in DIY shops.)
-A big lump of clay for each team/individual
-Little signs on a stick (We use skewers or dental sticks and glue little file cards to them. It is nice to have some signs prepared with symbols on them, e.g. a sun or a lightning bolt. Make sure you also prepare at least 10 signs per group with nothing written on them so they can write milestone events on them or draw their own symbols. If you do the outdoor version with sand we recommend using moderation cards on chopsticks (you can get cheap chopsticks in Asian takeaways restaurants.)
-The original method uses sand in long boxes. We found it easier with clay: you just need a board to put the clay on instead of a big box; it is easier to transport; and you don't have the sand crumbling in the seminar space. But we also did this once with a team of kindergarden teachers in a big sandpit in the garden and once in winter with snow outdoors in the park. If you have any of those possibilities use them - it is great if your participants can expand and have a lot of space to make a full body experience out of this exercise.

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Preparation Time
Create materials quick and dirty
30 min
Create materials love and care
4 hours