Salon of Courage - Courage to face your own shadow

6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

“Be my companion, not my shadow”

from "In the Garden of Friendship" by Iso Camartin

What if our downsides were not something we wanted to hide, strip, leave behind, or overcome? What if we invited our shadows to be our companions? Instead of letting them crouch on the floor behind us, we take them by the hand, showing each other our world?

At this salon evening, we invite you to experiment with it. Bring your shadow with you and let yourself be guided through this eclectic evening with little inspirations, exercises and encouraging methods. You can kiss ugly, slimy frogs and turn them into princes, drive your ghost train with your eyes open and squawk loudly, allow yourself to be gently escorted to discover the undiscovered dark chocolate side of your shadow and use it to power your future plans.

Participation on donation basis. Also bring something delicious & lovingly prepared for the buffet.
The seats are limited, as the event takes place in private living rooms, please register here.