I used to dream of being a genetic engineer, then ended up with a BA in Business Management. After working at various positions in advertising, PR, and entertainment; I retrained as a fashion designer. In 2010, I created a fashion label, joined various projects, festivals and fashion shows, then in 2015 completed an MA in Fashion Strategy, in the Netherlands.

asu aksu

Practice Docent
Combining analytical thinking and intuition I charted a winding career path with seemingly mismatching milestones. While the parts may look inconsistent to an outsider, it all culminated during my MA. Intuition became a critical tool in my creative processes and narratives. I started digging deeper into this theme by dissecting how my intuition works, how I make my decisions, curate my information intake and mapping what my frame of reference is.This allowed me to identify, formulate and share my methodologies. From this emerged an interactive workshop with the goal of gaining an insight into what I oversimplified above. It fosters a revelational discussion with yourself by mapping your frame of references.