"I am moved by the idea that we are now on the threshold of a new world order. In this historical context, I see my vocational arousal on preparing and co-shaping the path for the global paradigm shift through conscious evolution and co-creation."

Claudine Villemot-Kienzle

Social Architect, Author, Facilitator, Transformative Educator
Consultant for transculturalism and value systems. Co-Founder of the Center for Human Emergence, D-A-CH, that aims at fostering societal transformation based on a holistic approach. I am appointed by Don Beck authorized lecturer for Spiral Dynamics integral. Inspired by the study of Conscious Evolution with B.M.Hubbard I feel called to co-shape the path for the global paradigm shift and the socio-ecological transition. One contribution is the development of a curriculum for “Social Architects” that fosters the building of evolutionary competencies to address wisely and with ease the complexity and diversity of our global challenges