"I love what I do and I do what I love. My field of action is primarily in the field of adult education and sustainability. That means for me to empower people and organizations in their uniqueness from where they can become active in the outside world."

Sylvia Brenzel

Co-Founder and managing partner from plenum, trainer at the Pioneers of Change, money and source expert of peterkoenigsystem, coach and mentor for people all around the world.
I was born and raised in Venezuela. I encountered the guiding principles of sustainability at an early age and am passionate about hosting transformation today. I studied business administration with a special focus on environmental economics and entrepreneurship. After university, I got involved in environmental and development policy education and managed numerous sustainability projects in companies. Today I’m training and coaching individuals and organizations in terms of sustainability in a broader sense. At the beginning of 2008 I co-founded plenum, in 2010 I co-initiated the Pioneers of Change, in 2014 I was identified by Ashoka Austria as one of the most important supporters of change makers and in 2017 I was rewarded by BusinessART magazine as one of Austrian’s main sustainability ambassadors.