Project Tree

Vision tree, structured forest, digestive system

The project tree is a method to structure an innovation project, get a good overview and clarify it on all levels. Visualized in the analogy of a tree, the questions “why” and “how” navigate you through the different levels of your project, from very basic assumptions to nitty-gritty action steps. It is a good tool to move smoothly from dreaming into planning.

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What is a Project Tree?

Developing a vision or starting a new project is often very exciting and uplifting, but one can easily get overwhelmed by the many aspects that are wobbly and unclear, not defined and not yet decided. There are so many ideas and questions around the vision and, oh gosh, they are all interrelated with each other -- you try to answer one question and see you cannot properly answer it before having tackled several others. The head starts to pound, the discussions go wild and after a while the joy and enthusiasm with which you started this project is covered with a thick layer of confusion and exhaustion.

The project tree is a good tool to offer innovators security and structure in this delicate moment of transition from a blurry yet glittering vision to a tangible project without losing its shine.

The project tree is a visualisation aid that:
-helps you orientate in complexity,
-provides a way to clear your mind of unsolved questions and floating ideas,
-and allows your thoughts to jump between very fundamental questions of meaning and purpose in one moment and nitty-gritty details about a specific action in the next without losing track.

Based on a common principle we cannot trace back the source, further developed as a method by Visionautik Akademie

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