Soft Shoe Shuffle

Tool for dynamic group discussions, opinion forming and decision making in teams.

Soft shoe shuffle is is an effective and energizing method for group discussions. It is a group conversation in motion. We recommend it for discussing controversial topics, opinion forming, decision making and to bring a fresh wind into encrusted conversation habits.

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What is Soft Shoe Shuffle about?

Soft shoe shuffle is a practice of Deep Democracy. Deep Democracy is a methodology developed to foster a deeper level of dialogue, inviting a variety of opinions in a safe environment.

What is so useful about soft shoe shuffle?

  • Its dynamic setup allows participants to constantly review their opinion and change their position without losing face.
  • It breaks encrusted conversation patterns, makes quiet voices audible in the discussion process and activates the whole group, not only those who are currently speaking.
  • It gives immediate feedback from the group what they think about an opinion or proposal.
  • It taps into collective intelligence and shows the multitude of perspectives about a topic or question.
  • It quickly gives a deep insight and a good visual impression about what is alive in a group.

We have seen stuck group decisions with a few filibusters dominating the discussion turn into a lively process with a quick resolution everyone could go with - just by shifting from a plenum discussion to a soft shoe shuffle process.

Soft Shoe Shuffle is adapted from the process-oriented work of psychologist Arnold Mindell and has been developed further by Myrna Lewis

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