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Dear friends, lots of people asked us Visionauts to help them with their Erasmus+ Key Action 1 (KA 1) Mobility applications, because we have been very successful with EU applications in the past. Now Boris is thinking about making a small business out of that and would like to hear your opinion on it. Would the following offer be appealing to you?

Please let Boris know by the 15th of November.

What is the offer?

For a little start-money and a provision Boris will write an application for your organization within the Erasmus+ KA1 programme, based on information you provide. If it is successful you will be able to send your staff  for free to trainings, conferences (e.g. Berlin 2016), teachings and jobshadowings to other European countries. Become an Innovation Host, a Multisensual Facilitator, a certified coach or anything that makes sense for your organization.  For a recommended funding sum of 60.000€ you will be able to send your staff to something between 30 and 50 learning opportunities all over Europe within the next two years.

What does it cost?

Boris will charge you between 500€ and 1000€ start-money up front, depending on the day of your money transfer. (November 500, December 600, January 700, February 1000)
If the application is successful I will charge you 5000€ provision.

What is funded?

All the funding in the Erasmus+ KA1 program.

How does it work?

  1. 30 min call to find out if Erasmus+ Mobilities are the right thing for you and your organization. (free)
  2. We agree on a contract, you pay the start money.
  3. 60 min online business coaching on what you want to achieve with your organization within the next 3 years.
  4. You search for offers and partners in Europe you find interesting. Boris will give you a list of recommendations to start with, but you are free to choose anything on the European education market.
  5. Boris writes the application providing 3 feedback loops.
  6. You hand the application in.
  7. By end of May you will get a yes or no by your National Agency. If it is a yes:
    You get 60% of the funding up front
  8. 60 min online coaching on how to manage and document your mobilities. It is easy.
  9. You pay the provision and start travelling :-).
  10. After one year you write a midterm report and receive another 20%
    After the second year you write an end-report and receive the last 20% of the funding.

Can I also get help on a KA2 Strategic Partnership?

Consulting yes, but Boris will not write it for you. Strategic Partnerships are more complex and diverse than Mobilities. It takes a lot longer to write them and chances of success are lower. However you can do wonderful things with a Strategic Partnership, as for example Visionautics, Plenum, Art Monastery and Sendzimir are enjoying right now a Strategic Partnership on "Hosting social innovation".

Interested? Please let Boris know soon!

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