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The next Theory and Practice Talk will be on 8th and 9th of May

What is a Transformation Host?

The mission of a Transformation Hosts is to make socio-ecological transformation more likely and joyful through teaching, coaching and facilitation.

By providing safe spaces, patience and warmth, they enable far-sighted visioning and the courage to reinvent oneself. They create the framework for co-creative and purposeful work with curiosity and imagination. And in doing so, they often enable what they are most passionate about: Transformative learning.

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Transformation Host, too?
  • Are you working professionally or volunteering as a teacher, trainer, coach, facilitator, moderator or host?
  • Are you working in a team in a position that allows you to proactively design communication-, learn-, or work-flows?
  • Are you determined to fulfill one of the roles above in the future?
  • Are you studying or writing about transformative learning or hosting transformation?